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New Australian Standards effective as of 01/01/2015

The new Australian Standards have taken effect and are now in place as of January 1st, 2015. There are changes to a number of items that will concern a lot of people and premises. As simple as, and for instance, a new and updated log book will be required for several of your fire safety installations.

These will need to be present and should the QFES call on you, they will be looking for these updated practices to be present. If you don't have these, your Fire Safety Partner will be advising you the reasons of the need to update. Please don't take offense nor think it a resource-wasting exercise from your Fire Safety Provider. They are doing as the Law dictates and they and have your best interests and legal requirements at heart. Be sure to enquire with your Fire Safety Partner on their next visit. It will be worth the investment talking with them about your particular situation.