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Fire Extinguishers (Fire extinguishers are the fastest way to put out a small fire.)

How do you know which fire extinguisher is right for your business? Although our range of fire specialists are more than happy to advise you on which fire extinguisher is right for you, below is a list of common fire types and which extinguisher is most likely to reduce a fire in your area. Using the right fire extinguisher is essential to effectively putting out a fire and preventing damage. Fire extinguishers need to be serviced every 6 months under Australian law.

Hoses, Reels and Nozzles

Fire hoses are required to be maintained with a service every 6 months. A fire hose can be installed either indoors or outdoors and is used to carry fire retardants (such as water or foam) at high pressure to extinguish a fire. Olympic Fire supply hoses, reels and nozzles for fire hose outlets and we are licensed to regularly service and maintain them.

Fire Blankets

To burn, all fires require heat, fuel and oxygen. Olympic fire blankets extinguish the fire by completely cutting off the source of oxygen and smothering the fire. Fire blankets are best used when fires are still small and have just started. For larger fires, it is recommended that a fire extinguisher is operated by an individual with fire training.

Emergency Lighting

Olympic Fire are able to install emergency lighting into buildings and areas that will need to be evacuated in the instance of a fire. Emergency lighting can assist by illuminating the path to the nearest exit from the area of the fire. Our fire safety experts are able to advise you on where emergency lighting should be installed to assist building occupant’s safety when there is a fire. Emergency lighting and exit signs should be inspected by a professional every 6 months.


Are designed to house fire extinguishers and hose reels to protect them from the elements to ensure that they work efficiently when needed. Cabinets are strategically designed in vibrant colours to allow ease of identification when they are needed. Although cabinets aren’t legally required to be serviced, they should be regularly inspected by a fire protection expert to ensure they are safe.

Smoke Detection

Smoke detectors and alarms are designed to be activated when smoke is present in the surrounding air, which is an indicator of a nearby fire. Smoke detectors or alarms can then either trigger a fire response alarm system or sound an audible alarm alerting nearby occupants that there is a fire in the area and give them the first best chance of responding and evacuating.


Smoke alarms require batteries to be regularly checked and changed or they can become empty and ineffective. Batteries in equipment should be checked at least monthly. Olympic Fire is happy to offer a range of long-lasting batteries to suit various fire protection equipment. 

Vehicle Brackets

Vehicle brackets are made of extremely strong metallic material. They keep your extinguisher safe and secure in transit. The bracket has a quick motion release so that in the event that you might need your extinguisher, it will be there, and at the ready!

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